Season: All Weather
Category: All Terrain
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    • The next-generation aggressive off-road tire offers exceptional capability off-road and increased durability with impressive road performance. As evidenced by mountain and snowflake certification, the Grabber A/TX tire offers excellent traction in winter.
    • Spall and cut resistant compound, combined with extremely strong steel belts and a wide, flat contour to provide good stability, consistent wear and precise handling.
    • An absorbing layer that isolates the vehicle from road irregularities and sound-absorbing ribs attenuates the noise generated in the centre of the tread pattern.
    • Optimized pattern rigidity and wider footprint to promote even tread wear.
    • Features solid shoulder blocks, traction notches, a five-row tread pattern, sidewall relief and pebble protection for excellent traction and off-road protection.
    • Full depth, high density slats to provide better traction on wet and snowy roads.
    • The tire meets stringent service requirements to provide excellent traction in all weather conditions.
    • Allows the optional installation of crampons to add traction on the ice.

    Tireland is your source for the General GRABBER A/TX. At Tireland, we believe in getting you into the right product for your vehicle, needs, and budget. If you have questions about the General GRABBER A/TX, feel free to use the contact form for more info.

The tire experts at Tireland meticulously review your vehicle's specifications to ensure a perfect fit. If your order doesn't align, we'll replace it at no extra cost, even if you've made a deposit. Your safety is our priority, and we're committed to never sending you off with the wrong-sized tires. Shop with confidence knowing we'll get it right, because at Tireland we're dedicated to delivering the perfect fit for your vehicle.

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