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The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company first opened in Akron, Ohio in 1900, and in 1902, their first factory opened that had 12 employees. In 1903, the company began producing their own tires, and by 1906, the company’s sales passed one million dollars. Firestone launched the first non-skid tire that ignited the knowledge to use specific tread designs to improve tire traction. The business created the first low-pressure balloon tire in the industry in 1922, greatly increasing treadwear and tire mileage. In 1932, Firestone introduced the first low-pressure pneumatic tractor tire; farmers all over the country began switching to rubber-tired wheels because of the improved economy, traction, and comfort. Firestone also invented the concept of broad, low-profile tires for high-performance cars in 1965, which immediately caught on around the world. Firestone celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2000, and Firestone is currently part of one of the world's major tire manufacturers, with 8,000 distinct tires made for a wide range of vehicles.

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