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Terms of use

These terms and conditions apply to access, use and transactions made from this website. By using this site, you (the “User” or “Buyer”) agree to respect the terms and conditions stipulated in this Legal Notice.

This website is the property of the Auto Centre IciPneu – Tireland Inc. company (hereinafter “Tireland”).


Tireland reserves the right to modify at any time and in its sole discretion the terms and conditions stipulated in this Legal Notice. Any modification takes effect as soon as it is published.

No warranty is offered as to the accuracy of any information or content found on this website. All information is provided for informational purposes only.

Tireland recommends for the user to regularly consult this Legal Notice to be aware of any changes.

Services offered

Tireland offers the website users a platform through which users can buy tires and other services for their vehicle along with the possibility to make an appointment with Tireland-affiliated dealers, who offer various products and services directly on the platform. By purchasing tires or other services on the platform, the user enters into a direct contract with the chosen dealer. Tireland only acts as an intermediary between users and affiliated dealers. The contract between the user and the dealer will be established by a contract, which will be sent to the user by email from Tireland - for and in the name of the dealer - after the conclusion of the said contract. Tireland will never own or be in possession of the products purchased by the user.

Intellectual property, copyright and trademarks

All content in this website (information, writings, images, logos, icons, etc.) is the exclusive property of Tireland, its subsidiaries, affiliated entities or third parties having granted licenses, that cannot be used, reproduced, distributed, displayed or sold in any way without the written permission of Tireland. All content on this website is protected by copyright Laws applicable in Canada.

Only downloading and printing of the content for purely personal and non-commercial use is permitted. Downloading and printing the content does not explicitly or implicitly confer any license or other rights to the user.

The trademarks appearing on this website (both written and the visual aspects) are the exclusive property of Tireland, its subsidiaries, affiliated entities or third parties having granted licenses and may not be used, reproduced or imitated without Tireland written authorization and are subject to the applicable trademark Laws in Canada.

Links to other websites

This site may contain links or references to third parties websites. Any link or referral to third party websites contained on this website are provided solely for convenience and to provide services to the user. Tireland assumes no responsibility for the content of any third-party website accessible for such linking or referral. This Legal Notice does not apply to the use of third party websites. Tireland does not guarantee the accuracy, validity, veracity or reliability of the content therein. Tireland does not endorse or validate information, products or services offered by third party websites. Any access or use of a third party website is as the user’s risk.

Liability limitation

Except in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct, Tireland is not responsible for any material damage or other loss of any kind arising from access to or use of this website, downloading of any content or the impediment to use this website. It is the responsibility of the user of this website to take the necessary precautions before accessing, using or downloading the contents of this website. The user uses this website at his own risk.

Purchase of products or online services


The products sold on the website are not manufactured by Tireland, its subsidiaries, affiliated entities or dealers. Third parties wholly independent of Tireland, its subsidiaries, affiliated entities or dealers manufacture the products. These third-party manufacturers are solely responsible for any manufacturing defects in the products they manufacture.


Prices displayed for the purchase of products or services are subject to changes without notice. The displayed prices are only confirmed when the buyer actually places his order.

Prices, rebates, incentives and other benefits are indicated and provided directly by dealers or manufacturers, who are thus solely responsible for ensuring their accuracy and performance.

Any problem or contradiction on the user’s invoice, between the displayed price and the price paid for the products and services purchased must be sent directly to the dealer with whom the contract was made.

Prices displayed do not include applicable, environmental, provincial and federal taxes.


The conclusion of a contract between the user and the dealer is conditional on a deposit by the user. Tireland, for and on behalf of the dealer, takes the deposit from the user – Tireland being legally mandated by the dealer to receive the deposit from and on his behalf.

The deposit taken on the website is taken from a credit card belonging to the user, via a secure online payment system.

In the event of resolution or cancellation of the contract prior to execution of the services and delivery of the products, the user must contact the Tireland customer service to obtain the refund or the deposit chargeback. In all other cases of resolution or cancellation, the user must contact the dealer directly for any refund.

Description of products and services

Tireland does not guaranty that the description of the products and services is accurate, reliable, complete, and that the products themselves correspond to the needs of the user.

Exemption from liability / Disclaimer

Only the dealer is responsible for the products and services sold and the user waives any lawsuit against Tireland regarding the quality of the products or services rendered. Only the manufacturers of the products are responsible for any manufacturing defect or design of the products sold.

Except in the case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct, Tireland is not responsible for any property damage or other loss of any kind, arising from the use of the products and services sold.

The usage, quality and effectiveness of products and services may be affected or influenced by factors such as geography, time, weather conditions, temperature, age or condition of the vehicle and driving skills of the user. It is the responsibility of the user to consult retailers, Tireland representatives, dealer representatives or any other appropriate professional for further information and features on products and services prior to any online purchase.

Tireland is not responsible for any delay in the execution of the services, in the delivery of the purchased products or for any unavailability of a particular product at any given time. Tireland is also not responsible for any damage otherwise caused by any delay in the contract enforcement.

Confidentiality and personal information

The use of this website, in particular to carry out any transaction or to access the customer area of each user, is subject to the collection, use, retention and disclosure of personal information about the user. The consent of the user is therefore required for the use of this website.

If the user disagrees with this section or if he does not consent to the collection, use, retention or disclosure of his personal information, the user must stop all use of this website.

Collection and use of personal information 

Tireland collects in its own name and on behalf of each and every dealer, certain personal information of the user including his name, his civic address, his telephone number, the make and model of his vehicle as well as his credit card number. Tireland may, with reasonable manners, collect any other personal information of the user for the purposes specified in this Legal Notice.

Tireland will need to ensure that the user’s personal information is updated each time it is used after the initial collection, to avoid the use of inaccurate and inappropriate personal information.

The user agrees that the collection of his personal information by the dealers is done through a third party, Tireland.

Tireland may collect certain information that is relevant to the identified purpose from any third party with such personal information and the user consents to such collection.

By using this website and accepting this Legal Notice, the user consent to the collection of his personal information by Tireland and the dealers, for the following specified purposes:

Keeping personal information

Tireland will retain the user’s personal information on a server – that belongs to Tireland - located in Canada. Tireland is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information, including ensuring that the server meets the applicable security and protection standards.

Access to personal information will only be available to authorized individuals, for business purposes or whose duties require it.

Tireland will keep personal information for a reasonable period, as long as it is necessary or useful for the specified purpose or for any other period required by Law.

The user has the right to consult his file and to request any rectification of inaccurate personal information collected and stored by Tireland.

Disclosure of personal information

The user expressly agrees that Tireland and the dealers will share the personal information collected by either of them in accordance with this Legal Notice.

The user agrees that Tireland, its subsidiaries, affiliated entities and dealers will disclose their personal information to any business partner or prospective business partner. Any such communication will be subject to a confidentiality agreement between Tireland, its subsidiaries, affiliated entities or dealers – on one hand – and to present or potential business partners – on the other hand.

The user agrees that Tireland will provide its name, address, telephone number and email addresses to any third party in the automotive products and services field for promotional or philanthropic purposes, including but not limited to manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and merchants.

The user also agrees that Tireland will disclose the personal information collected for any other purpose under any applicable privacy Laws in the user’s province of residence.


To access his personal space, the user must create and keep a username and a password. This password is confidential and should not be passed on to anyone. The user is responsible for any use made of his personal space by a third party.

Applicable Laws

Applicable provincial and federal Laws in the user’s province of residence govern these terms and conditions.