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When should I change my tires, how do I find the right ones for my vehicle and how quickly do they take to ship to my local Tireland - Ici Pneu? Here you’ll find useful tire trivia and answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find the information you’re looking for, please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us page.

What is a run-flat tire?



A run-flat tire is a tire that can run without air pressure while allowing the driver to keep driving. They have a stiffer sidewall that allows it to sustain the weight of the vehicle even without air. To use run-flat tires, a vehicle needs to be equipped with a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) to ensure the driver is aware air loss has occurred. Some vehicles come equipped with Run-flat tires from the factory. These vehicles are generally not equipped with a spare tire as a replacement in the case of a puncture or sudden air loss. If your vehicle is so equipped, your new tires should be Run-flat as well. Run-flat tires are indicated on the sidewall differently with all tire manufacturers. Here are a few: SSR, EMT, ZP, DSST, EMT RFT, SSRF, TRF, ZPS.